Side Dish 2: The Dream Dinner Party with Max La Manna (mini episode)

Introducing our new mini episode…it’s a little after dinner something to keep you going through the week. It’s The Dream Dinner Party.

It’s short and sweet, just one simple question. Each week we will have a different guest guiding us through their Dream Dinner Party. They are allowed 4 guests, they can be dead or alive and of course we want to know why they will be invited. They’re going to be talking us through their dream dinner party menu, what will their dream guests be feasting on and what will they drink?

This week’s guest on The Dream Dinner Party is Max La Manna. Max is a champion of the low waste and sustainable lifestyle, he’s a chef , presenter and award winning author and has been described as a bona fide millennial heart throb. HIs new book You can Cook This is out now and is a great blueprint for how to use up ingredients in your kitchen that so often end up going to waste – instead Max shows you ingenius ways to use them and all the recipes are affordable, quick and easy.

I wanted to say that I so appreciate how all the guests we’ve had for the Dream Dinner Party have fully embraced the theme and Max is no exception, so buckle up, grab your passport because we are off to Italy!

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