Dinner Tonight

The weekly newsletter that gives you one simple, delicious dish you can easily cook for dinner tonight. 30 minutes or less, maximum flavour for minimal fuss. This is your go-to source for delicious, quick and easy dinners.
A newsletter, yes of course, but in my mind it’s more like a serialised cookbook. Cookbooks are a wonderful thing, I love cookbooks but how many of your cookbooks sit getting a little bit dusty on the shelf? It’s time consuming to flick through multiple cookbooks and decide which recipe to make. That’s where Dinner Tonight comes in.

I’ve worked as a chef and recipe developer for well over a decade now and I wanted a way of sharing the kind of food I actually cook at home. Food that’s quick, easy and delicious.

A quick fix after a long day. Because those are the kind of recipes we all need the most, don’t you think?

No more flicking through cookbooks or scrolling the internet trying to find something you can easily cook for supper. I want to help. There will lots of those ever-evasive, highly-coveted, 20 minute one pan, healthy-ish recipes because that’s the kind of food I love to eat.

Some things might take a little longer but “hands on” time will be 5 minutes or so as you assemble things in a roasting tray and then it’s just a case of bunging it oven to work it’s magic whilst you run a bath, sink into the sofa, change into your pyjamas or jump on a zoom.

Dinner Tonight consists of recipes that use the least kit possible and cause the least mess. I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want to do after supper is to spend ages washing up every pan I own. So I’m going to keep things as simple as possible.

I want Dinner Tonight to become your go-to source for delicious, quick and easy dinners.

Hope to see you there!