Side Dish 19: The Dream Dinner Party with Donal Skehan

It’s The Dream Dinner Party.

It’s short and sweet, just one simple question. Each week we will have a different guest guiding us through their Dream Dinner Party. They are allowed 4 guests, they can be dead or alive and of course we want to know why they will be invited. They’re going to be talking us through their dream dinner party menu, what will their dream guests be feasting on and what will they drink?

Today’s guest on The Dream Dinner Party is Donal Skehan who is so much fun and who has been on Desert Island Dishes before – a few years ago but definitely worth having a listen to his main episode as it’s a goodie. I think he was in the very early days when I just turned up with basically a little Dictaphone recorder and hoped for the best. Donal has a new book out called Home Kitchen and honestly, Donal’s books are really great – I don’t know how he does it, I tried to get him to give me all his secrets but instead, I did persuade him to tell us all about his dream dinner party and this is a very fun one. I have also posted Donal’s Little Black Book on Instagram which is a new little feature we are trying out – let us know if you like it.

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