Episode 90: Nadiya Hussain: Winner of GBBO 2015, cookbook author and television presenter

We are back! And my guest today is Nadiya Hussain.

Nadiya won the Great British Bake Off in 2015 and won not only the competition but our hearts in the process, securing her the position of National Treasure.

She has gone on to write a whole host of cookbooks both for adults and children, she’s turned her hand to writing novels and has presented multiple series for the BBC.

She says:

I don’t know if I can still call myself a stay at home mum anymore but it feels like I am still one but with the added bonus of doing the most amazing job. I don’t have a title but when anyone asks my kids ‘what does mummy do?’ they always respond with ‘she lives her dreams’. So I suppose that is exactly what I’m doing.

So there we are. Feels so lovely to be back. Thank you for listening don’t forget to tell all your friends about the podcast – the more the merrier! And I will see you next week for more desert island dishes.


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