Episode 9: Frances Quinn: Winner of Great British Bake Off

Margie’s castaway this week is Frances Quinn.

Frances is the winner of the Great British Bake Off Series 4.

Now, like most people in the UK and probably the world – I am fairly obsessed with the Great British Bake Off, so to meet a winner was a dream come true. Major fan girl moment, let me tell you. Frances was also incredibly polite about having to sit in my car to record instead of a fancy recording studio and for that I love her all the more.

Frances is ridicously talented. She sees food in a way that most just don’t and yet it just comes so naturally to her. She makes the most incredible cakes that all look almost too good to eat. Almost. Anyone who watched her season of GBBO back in 2013 will know how incredibly talented she is and will remember her amazing creations including her incredible breadsticks that looked just like match sticks and her vegetable canapés which looked gorgeous.

So it was generally just lovely to meet Fran and have a chat about all things bake off – I wanted all the goss, as well as all the amazing things shes been up to since the show. I can’t stop thinking about her Bourbon brownies and she’s also inspired me to cook up some flapjacks this weekend for sure. I might even, if I’m feeling brave give those edible white chocolate candles a go!

I knew Frances was a good egg when she couldn’t settle on a sandwich and instead tried to opt for a sandwich platter. The more sandwiches the better, I say. I also think anyone who believes you can have porridge for breakfast, lunch or supper is probably someone I could hang out with. For anyone wondering we didn’t actually get round to the cinnamon challenge although Fran remains adamant she could do it. Stay tuned.

Desert Island Dish: An all you can eat buffet from Ottolenghi or Ethos in London

Luxury Item: Her Special (a cross between a spoon and a pencil)

To hear Fran’s Desert Island Dishes click on this snazzy little button and have a listen.

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