Episode 8: Georgia Cummings: Founder of Potage

Episode 8: Georgia Cummings: Founder of Potage

Margie’s castaway this week is Georgia Cummings. 

Georgia is the founder of Potage – the healthy home cooked food delivery service. Their goal is to make eating well easy and there’s an emphasis on fresh, quality ingredients. 

I went to the bustling kitchens of Potage to meet Georgia and she was so lovely. She is a great example of someone who has built something from the ground up with minimal funds but buckets of passion and hard work and now 5 years later she is running her own little empire and its very inspiring and impressive to see. I was genuinely really inspired meeting her and I hope her story will inspire lots of you too.

So I looked it up and a loaded potato is very much a thing – so I definitely didn’t coin that phrase like I thought I did. More’s the pity. It’s a thing, and a delicious thing at that.

How great is Georgia? She’s so passionate about food and I am so impressed with how hard she worked during all university holidays and she set about getting as much experience as possible which just shows she was destined for big things. Sunday night egg tradition is a big one in our house so I loved hearing that Georgia and her family do that too. 

Her homemade gruyere sandwich with a good old gherkin gets the thumbs up from me although that Pret baguette holds a special place in my heart so that gets a big thumbs up from me I love that her dad’s cooked breakfast got a mention. He does the brave thing and goes for double egg on a breakfast which I have to say, I respect. Hat’s off Georgia’s dad, good on you.

I absolutely love the sound of the Ottolenghi tart she makes for dinner parties. Adding polenta to the short crust pastry is a genius idea and is definitely something I will be experimenting with.

Thank you for listening! Before anyone says anything – I am aware that I sound posher than the queen when I say the word Potage but Georgia assured me that is the right way to say it, that is just my voice. 

Desert Island Dish: Roast chicken with roast potatoes and fresh seasonal greens and maybe a bread sauce as long as she doesn’t have to make it.

Luxury item: A kiln and some clay

Have a listen to Georgia’s inspiring story and her Desert Island Dishes here:

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