Episode 78: Joe Wicks: The Body Coach, personal trainer and fitness guru

My guest today is Joe Wicks.

Otherwise known as The Body Coach – Joe has taken the fitness world by storm in just 5 years he has gone from personal trainer doing bootcamps in the park that sometimes people wouldn’t show up for – to a bonafide fitness guru with his own empire. 

He has written 7 cookbooks and is a multi million best selling author having sold 3 million copies to date. His first book was the second best selling cookbook on record and he’s even been named the second most influential person in food in the UK.

He boasts millions of followers across social media and has had the kind of success most people only dream of but through it all he says his mission has remained the same from day one and that’s “to get the world off diets, become more active and to eat proper food”

Joe has recently become an investor in the meal delivery company Gousto which is another really exciting step in his career. He walked away from a huge deal with a supermarket in order to work with Gousto and we find out why that was such an important thing for him to do both personally and for his business.

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Have a listen to Joe’s episode here.


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