Episode 69: Felicity Cloake: Author of the Guardian’s “How to Cook the Perfect…” column, New Statesman columnist and cookbook author

My guest today is Felicity Cloake.

Felicity is an award winning freelance journalist and writer. You may know her from her infamous Guardian column How to Make the Perfect:” or perhaps from her column in the New Statesman or perhaps from her many other writing features. 

She has written 5 books – with more in the pipeline. Her writing and recipe testing is meticulous and has made Felicity one of the biggest names in food writing today with her recipes being some of the most trustworthy around. I was so excited to sit down with Felicity this week and when I described her as one of the biggest names in food writing I could see her immediately recoil at that because she’s very modest but it’s true and I stand by it. 

To back up my statement I can tell you that she has been crowned the “Nation’s Taster in Chief” and Jan Moir says: “She oozes trustworthiness the way a figgy pudding oozes spicy fumes” which both Felicity and I decided was a pretty impressive accolade. 

There’s all sorts in this one – from dishwahers, to chicken kievs, melon ballers, eyeballs and everything in between. On that note: I would love to know where you lot stand on melon ballers? Now I’m not saying they are an essential piece of kit – but who doesn’t love little tiny balls of melon??

You can find Felicity’s new book here.


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