Episode 62: -Saliha Mahmood Ahmed: Masterchef winner, Author of Khazana and Junior Doctor

My guest today is Saliha Mahmood Ahmed

Saliha was the winner of Masterchef last year in 2017 and she won whilst also working full time as a Junior Doctor – often turning up to film the show straight off the back of a night shift. In addition she also has a young son – so the whole thing was really rather impressive.

Known for her big and bold flavours – Saliha wowed the judges with food steeped in her family’s heritage. She’s written her first cookbook – Khazana – meaning treasure trove and it certainly is that.

In an interview with the Times she was quoted as having said:

“The other day when I was tired I gave my husband a jacket potato and I had one too, and I felt really miserable afterwards. I thought, ‘this surely can’t be life!”

I’ve learnt something from each and every episode of desert island dishes – and for none is that more true than today’s episode where I discovered so much I really had little to no idea about before and that made it really fun! Please ignore my extreme English accent and I’m sure I pronounce things in an extreme anglicised way so I hope you forgive me and enjoy today’s episode!

Saliha’s book is out now and you can get it here.

Listen to Saliha’s episode of Desert Island Dishes here.


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