Episode 61: Gizzi Erskine: Chef, Food Writer, Restaurauteur

My guest today is Gizzi Erskine

Gizzi is a chef, a TV personality, a cookbook author and now business owner and restaurauteur.

This has been an extremely busy year for Gizzi with the opening of her first ever permanent project, Mare Street Market in Hackney, which is a very cool food space that houses a restaurant, deli, record shop and a florist. 

On top of that – she also has a new book coming out. Slow, of which Gizzi says is the best she’s ever written.

Of her cooking Gizzi has said:

“Domestic goddesses have their place, but I’m a professional cook, plus, I’m not domestic at all – my house looks like a bomb’s hit it.”

Photo of Gizzi taken by Eeva Rinne


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