Episode 6: Deliciously Stella aka. Bella Younger: Comedian

Margie’s castaway this week is Bella Younger. 

Bella Younger is the internet sensation: the woman behind the genius instagram account – Deliciously Stella. Deliciously Stella is a parody of those clean eating and wellness instagram accounts. It’s become such a big thing she even got a book deal out of it,
Davina Mcall was one of her earliest fans which is not too shabby and she’s gone on to have a podcast, an Edinburgh fringe show and she has a BBC three series. 

I love that Bella tried to sneak the smoked ham and mustard sandwich into every answer but I had to put my school mistress hat on and say no – we need more food choices from you and more we got. She’s living the dream with her meal deal where she gets the supermarket sandwich, a packet of quavers and a Diet Coke. You heard it here first. 

I love that for the best dish she has ever eaten she was toying with the idea of something expensive that her dad had bought her..but ultimately she settled on the M&S party food aisle. An original choice. But I agree that those feta and herb parcels are pretty darn delicious. 

I also loved how modest her one luxury item would be – a simple towel. I’m not sure what mine would be? Hmm something to ponder over…

Desert Island Dish: Steak tartare (Soho house), followed by lobster and her mum’s flourless chocolate and orange cake

Luxury Item: A towel

Listen to the hilarious Bella / Stella here. It’s a goodie:

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Image from Bella’s book: Bella Younger’s Deliciously Stella


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