Episode 50: Melissa Hemsley: Cook, bestselling author, tv chef & entrepreneur

My guest today is Melissa Hemsley

Melissa is described as a kitchen pioneer, and she is one half of Hemsley and Hemsley – the bestselling cookbook authors who had their own TV series on Channel 4 and have their own café in London’s Selfridges. 

She has released her first solo cookbook this year, Eat Happy, which focuses on 30 minute feel-good food.  

Melissa is a proud supporter of lots of different charities including the Prince’s Trust and Cook for Syria.

Marie Claire has described Melissa as “the Queen of the kitchen.”

Desert Island Dishes:

1.    prawns dipped in vinegar. Or anything Filipino – Chicken tonola
2.    Stephanie’s tomato sauce or scrambled eggs
3.    Cambodian fish ammok curry
4.    Egg mayo or classic cucumber or New York Reuben
5.    Roast chicken and all the chicken leftovers
6.    Watermelon salad

Desert Island Dish:

Pan of bolognaise with chicken livers and lots of red wine

Luxury item: really amazing olive oil

Most treasured cook book: anything by Madhur Jaffrey


Dont forget to have a look at the recipe inspired by Melissa’s episode of the Desert Island dishes podcast…a cool watermelon Greek salad. Perfect for Summer days and a guaranteed crowd pleaser. 


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