Episode 42: Skye McAlpine: Cook, Photographer and Author

My guest today is Skye McAlpine

Skye is a Venice based food writer, blogger and photographer. She is the author of the successful blog “From my Dining table” and has written for many of the big named publications like The Sunday Times, vanity fair and The Guardian. She spends most of her time in Venice, where she writes, teaches cookery workshops and practices her photography.

She has called Venice home since early childhood and with her debut book, “A table in Venice”, she provides over 100 recipes and brings to life the food of Venice in the most romantic, intriguing and just plain wonderful way.

Skye has said:

“As is the way for those who love to eat, my happiest childhood memories are centred on food. Little has changed for me on that front as I’ve grown older. I remain the kind of person who rememebers life through what they ate and how it was cooked.”


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