Episode 4: Laura Jane Williams: Author

Episode 4: Laura Jane Williams: Author

Margie’s castaway this week is the author Laura Jane Williams. 

Laura has written two books, she runs a successful blog, she was Grazia’s weekly dating columnist and her writing has been published in every publication imaginable. 

I wanted to talk to her about becoming an author, what its like to write a memoir and to write a weekly column all about your love life. Whilst Laura doesn’t write specifically about food – the little snippets where she does – I could sense there was a passion there which we talk about.

Food is about so much more than just the food – it’s about who you ate it with and the memories you made and I think Laura speaks of this very eloquently. She makes a great risotto which is always a good sign. She describes a pasta dish (pasta Yaya from the Restaurant Lula) of bucatini with feta, dried crispy garlic, cinnamon and a splash of cream which she ate every day of a holiday which sounds mouth waveringly good.

I got fixated on the porcini and goats cheese omelette she wrote about in her book which I still think sounds like a delicious combination and will be one I experiment with soon for sure. 

Laura definitely sounds like she knows how to host an excellent lunch party and she’s so fun – you know you would have the best time. The last dish Laura would choose before being cast off to the desert island was very romantic…contrary to how I reacted on hearing it! I love her choice of a lobster roll as her sandwich of choice and I think a trip to the US would be worth it for that alone, don’t you think?

Desert Island Dish: sitting at the bar in a restaurant with her boyfriend, some wine and lots of plates of Spanish / Catalan food from Escocesa

Grab a cuppa and have a listen to lovely Laura using the link below:

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