Episode 39: Tim Anderson: Masterchef winner and owner of Nanban restaurant in Brixton

My guest today is Tim Anderson.

Tim, at the age of just 26 was the youngest ever winner of Masterchef.  Since winning back in 2011, Tim has carved out a very impressive career in food working as a chef, a consultant and a food writer. He is, much to my enormous envy and admiration a staple of the Radio 4 food panel show The Kitchen Cabinet.

Tim has said his proudest career moment has to be the launch of his first cookery book Nanban: Japanese Soul Food and the opening of his acclaimed restaurant of the same name, in the heart of Brixton.

During his time on Masterchef, the judges declared that Tim gave them the ‘best culinary explosion” they had ever seen on the show.

Desert Island Dish:

Ploughman’s with a good Ale. Pork pie, good onion chutney, many cheeses – sharp cheddar, brie, camembert, pears and lots of good bread.

Luxury Item: His cat Baloo

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