Episode 33: Ed Kimber: Winner of the first ever GBBO, Baker and Food Writer

This week’s guest is Ed Kimber

You may know him by his pen name: The Boy Who Bakes.

Ed Won the first ever season of GBBO Way back in 2010.

He has gone on to do all manner of exciting things since then. He’s written 3 cookery books, he’s worked in the pastry section at Le Manoir under Raymond Blanc and has created recipes for dozens of the countries best loved magazines.

He’s taught cooking to the masses, he’s gone on various tv shows….he’s done the lot.

He is a man of many talents, he’s a baker, a writer and it turns out, he is basically a candlestick maker. He also incidentally makes the best macarons in town.

There is nothing Ed doesn’t know about baking and I learnt a lot in this episode. We find out about Japan’s baking scene which as it turns out is pretty happening and about Ed’d love of travelling and how he gets inspiration for all his cooking.

We also discover what exactly happens when you win The Great British Bake Off and find out how you make it as a freelance baker and food writer. In this episode Ed gives us his take on the GBBO’s move to Channel 4 and we find out what he really thinks of Pru.

Desert Island Dish:

Main course: Dipping ramen –cold noodles with amazing dipping sauce

Pudding: Apple crumble

Luxury: Phone filled with music and podcasts

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In honour of Ed, I’ve created a delicious scone recipe so do have a look and get inspired for some weekend baking.

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