Episode 3: Ms Marmite Lover, Cook and Supper Club Host


Margie’s castaway this week is Struan Robertson.

Struan is the Head butcher and co owner of The Provenance Meat Company .

Struan gave up his job in advertising to train as a butcher and then, after honing his butchery skills he went on to co found the award winning butcher, Provenance. They have just opened their 3rd store in London – which in less than 4 years is quite remarkable.

I’ve known Struan for a long time now and he is one of the nicest , and hardest working people I know – so it was actually a real treat to get to sit down with him and ask him the sorts of questions we probably don’t ask our friends enough!

I love the idea of beign an eater not a foodie and I think I definitely fall into that category too. I also love his tip about not being afraid to ask your butcher for advice and tips. I love how passionate about food Struan is and having been lucky enough to eat lots of his food I can vouch for the fact that he’s a great cook. I love his choice of final meal before he is cast off to the desert island…I love a fry up and his version has all the bells and whistles.

I never realised that Struan is as serious about sandwiches as I am and it sounds like we all need to check out Earl’s sandwich shop in Covent Garden…his sandwich choice sounds insane.

Desert Island Dish: Full English Breakfast with bacon, poached eggs, scrambled eggs, sausages, black pudding, white pudding, mushrooms, hash browns, beans on the side. Lots of slices of white toast and milky tea. With some Nutella on toast for “pudding”

Have a listen to lovely Struan’s Desert Island Dishes using the link below:

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