Margie’s castaway this week is Kerstin Rogers aka Ms Marmite Lover.

Kerstin launched the UK’s first underground restaurant back in 2009 when 12 complete strangers paid her to cook for them in her living room. Her underground restaurant became a weekly occasion and since then hundreds of restaurants have followed Kerstin’s lead – as supperclubs have sprung up all over London and all over the world.

As the creator of the multi award winning food blog Ms Marmite Lover – Kerstin has also written for the Guardian and the Independent and is the author of a total of 4 books. 

Kerstin set out to do something bigger than just herself – she wanted to start a movement. I wanted to find out about her journey, and what she’s up to now. Kerstin is honest, funny and open and lovely to chat to. 

Kerstin’s Desert Island Dishes are home cooking at it’s best with her pasta with homemade tomato sauce. Kerstin favours simple but high quality ingredients and I liked her tips of impressing your dinner party guests with a homemade bread and some delicious butter.

She also reignited my love of crispbread, which I learnt they eat for breakfast in Stockholm which I could definitely get on board with. We talked about how underrated a good cheeseboard is and what a great way it is to round off a dinner party. People love cheese. I am definitely in favour of the spaghetti Vongole she chose as one course of her final dish, as it happens to be one of my all time favourites.

Desert Island Dish: An Indian curry followed by spaghetti Vongole, followed by sour cherry clafoutis, an apple crumble and a rhubarb crumble

Listen to Kerstin’s Desert Island Dishes using the link below:

Hopefully this will give you some inspiration next time you’re in the kitchen! 

Hope you enjoy! Margie x 

Photo credit: Paul Winch Furness


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