Episode 16: Lily Simpson: Founder of The Detox Kitchen

This weeks castaway is Lily Simpson.

Lily is the founder of The Detox Kitchen – which is a series of delicious deli’s and food deliveries. I was going to say that it’s a favourite with A listers, but it’s a favourite of anyone lucky enough to have eaten there! The food is really creative, and delicious and just great.

Lily has written one best selling book – and another one is on the way next year which I know is going to be brilliant. Lily has basically built a food empire – and she’s done it on her own, off her own back and she’s just a bit of a superstar.

Simply put, Lily is an inspiration and she also happens to be one of the world’s loveliest people.

Now if Lily doesn’t inspire you to cracking on that thing you’ve always wanted to do – I don’t know what will! I’ve had a very productive week since seeing Lily – long may it continue! Lily kindly gave me lunch at the detox kitchen after our chat and it was so delicious – I can highly recommend. Just ask for one of everything.

I love the sound of her final meal of a smorgasbord of pasta – that is right up my street! I will most definitely be joining her for that. The creamy mushroom pasta sounds heavenly and just what this time of year calls for.

Lily recommends some brilliant restaurants: Nopi, Lima and Hoppers. All of which I can vouch for – they are great and definitely worth a visit.

Desert Island Dish: An assortment of pasta: creamy mushroom and a freash pea and mint option.

Luxury item: her laptop (no internet)

Have a listen and get inspired by the amazing Lily here:

hank you for listening and see you next week. In the meantime you can find me on the internet @madebymargie on Instagram or madebymargie.co.uk for lots of recipe ideas.


Don’t forget that you can find the recipe for this week’s episode by clicking here.

Photo of Lily: by Isy Croker


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