Episode 135: BOSH! founders Henry Firth and Ian

My guests today are the founders of food platform Bosh!, Henry Firth and Ian Theasby.

Broadcasters, Sunday Times best sellers and vegan chefs extraordinaire!

You may know them by their other name BOSH ! – the vegan food empire they’ve been growing for the last 7 years. From what began as a successful Youtube channel, these boys from Sheffield have now gone on to host their own ITV show, Living on the Veg and now have more than a million followers across their social media.

They offer fans a refreshing no-fuss approach to veganism and plant-based living,

Their debut cookbook has become one of the UK’s all-time best sellers.

Described as a powerful duo famed for their easy-to-follow recipe videos.

Their most popular recipe video was viewed over 50 million times and their videos get over 25 million views a month.

They’ve been called everything from the Bosh Boys, to the Bosh Brothers, regardless of all that it is clear they are vegan superstars who have tapped into the culinary zeitgeist and conquered the virtual world.

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