Episode 130: Amelia Christie-Miller the founder of the Bold Bean Co

My guest today is Amelia Christie-Miller, founder of the Bold Bean Co.

Amelia is the founder of the Bold Bean Co. She’s on a mission to make us all obsessed with beans by bringing us the best of beans.

She launched the business officially in 2021 following what she describes as a bean epiphany in Spain when she decided that the UK both needed and deserved better beans. Amelia is also passionate about sustainability and sees beans as the future of food.

Now listed in Selfridges, Waitrose and Planet Organic (as well as numerous independent shops and online outlets), Bold Beans are taking the food world by storm. Through targeting and working with influential chefs, cooks and food writers, they’re creating a community of bean lovers who are passionate about sharing their products. Supporters include Ottolenghi Test Kitchen, MOB, Melissa Hemsley, Laura Jackson and Joe Woodhouse, and Sheila Dillon interviewed Amelia on Radio 4’s The Food Programme as part of a two-episode special on beans.

On top of all this, Bold Bean are about to release its first cookbook, which you can buy here!

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