Episode 13: Alex Petrides: Co-founder all plants and food entrepreneur

Margie’s castaway this week is Alex Petrides. 

Alex is a seriously impressive guy. He was the first employee at Propercorn, the incredibly successful popcorn company and has now gone on to found a company with his brother, Johnathan. The company is called allplants. allplants is a plant based food delivery company which is growing quickly and going from strength to strength. 

I really enjoyed chatting to Alex – he’s a really natural entrepreneur. He also definitely taught me something about what it is to be a vegan because Alex is so right – being vegan has been so tied up with clean eating that its all got a bit confusing in people’s heads. By people I mean me. It’s all confused in my head, as you will hear when I ask him about making vegan caramel and kind of forget how to make caramel in the first place (shocker). But I definitely got a better understanding speaking to Alex because eing vegan doesn’t mean you also have to be gluten free or sugar free or that you are completely virtuous – you can be vegan and indulge in creature comforts. 

Also listening back to this one was weird for me as I seem to do a dirty old man laugh at one point when we talk about butter….so I’m sorry about that. I really love butter. The truth is out there. I mean it was never a secret but it’s news to me that talking of butter does that to my laugh. I’m sorry to all of my friends for you having to listen to that on a regular basis.

How great does that birthday party he threw sound with the piadinas? They sound so good – can’t believe I haven’t heard of them before – slightly embarrassing. Also the aubergine volcano sounds intriguing and as does his avocado and marmite sandwich? It sounds so weird that it could just work – and if Alex says it does then I’m going to trust him! 

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Listen to Alex’s Desert Island Dishes here:

Desert Island Dish: Impossible Burger(s)

Luxury: Piano

There’s a delicious recipe inspired by Alex’s Desert Island Dishes. Check it out here.


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