Episode 11: Pip McCormac: Associate Editor Red Magazine

Episode 11: Pip McCormac: Associate Editor Red Magazine

Margie’s castaway this week is Pip McCormac. 

Pip is the Lifestyle Director for Red Magazine, he oversees all the food and interiors content in the best-selling women’s monthly title in its field. He formerly worked as the Food and Interiors Editor at Sunday Times Style and he has also created a recognisable voice for himself with his popular recipe review blog Pip Cooks The Books. 

He has now published 2 beautiful books all about cooking with edible flowers and growing your own herbs. 

I wanted to catch up with Pip and find out the inspiration for the books, all about his glamourous job and of course pick his brains about the best places to eat in London. I don’t know about you but I need to make that delicious sounding 24 hours eating extravagnza in London happen immediately – sounds so good! I knew he would have some great recommendations and he did not disappoint. Nopi for brunch, starting with the Shakshuka, followed by perusing Maltby Street Market and lunch at Casse Croute. We both agreed you would need both a long walk and a nap and you could then round the day off with supper at Spring at Somerset House. Before heading to Sexy Fish for pudding. 

Sounds like I need to head to Casse Croute on Bermondsey Street sharpish. I’m not normally one to opt for rabbit but Pip recommends the rabbit in a mustard sauce which he says is both perfect and satisfying.

What are we all thinking about the unusual combination of peanut butter, tomato, cucumber and mint on a bagel? There is never any judgement on this podcast and I vow to keep an open mind until I try it! But am I brave enough? That is the question.

I now just need to think of a way I can get myself invited to one of Pip’s dinner parties, as he sounds like a great host. And any dinner party where there is a roast chicken on the table with lots of salads is a dream set up to me. I loved Pip’s take on the idea that perhaps contrary to the widespread belief that people who love to entertain are very nurturing, perhaps actually they are slightly controlling. Pip admitted he likes to be in control of the menu and the guest list and I thought that was a really interesting viewpoint and one to think over.

I’ve already picked up a copy of the book Pip recommended: The Beauty Chef by Carla Oates and I can really recommend it. There are so many gorgeous things to cook in there and it’s a great recommendation. 

Desert Island Dish: Lasagne followed by Theo Randall’s lemon tart and finished off with a bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk

Luxury item: lemon zester

Check out Pip’s Desert Island Dishes by clicking on the button below. Happy listening!

Image of Pip via Red Magazine Online: Sleep Revolution 


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