Side Dish 5: The Dream Dinner Party with Julius Roberts

Introducing our new mini episode…it’s a little after dinner something to keep you going through the week. It’s The Dream Dinner Party.

It’s short and sweet, just one simple question. Each week we will have a different guest guiding us through their Dream Dinner Party. They are allowed 4 guests, they can be dead or alive and of course we want to know why they will be invited. They’re going to be talking us through their dream dinner party menu, what will their dream guests be feasting on and what will they drink?

Julius Roberts is a cook, farmer and gardener and he’s talking us through his Dream Dinner Party today.

I think it’s impossible to listen to this and not think about your own answers. So if you were to host your own Dream Dinner Party with 4 people who were dead or alive, who would you pick?

Julius picks some amazing guests and his menu sounds absolutely delicious too set against the backdrop of the meadow at his farm in Dorset. You can preorder his hotly anticipated debut cookbook here. Run, don’t walk, it’s going to be spectacular.

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