Episode 57: Jack Monroe: Cooking on a Bootstrap: Food Writer & Activist

We are back from the Summer break and hitting the ground running with today’s guest.

My guest today is Jack Monroe.

Jack made her name as a food blogger writing the recipes she created with the £10 a week she had to feed both her and her young son. The recipes Jack created were both cost effective and delicious and they provided such a crucial service to so many people. Jacks recipes are healthy, delicious and, importantly, varied.

Jack now has million of visitors to her blog, has written three best selling cook books is now a well respected journalist, campaigner and activist.

I first came across Jack on Women’s Hour back in 2014 when she was just starting out. She amde carrot falafel and I can still remember her describing them over the airwaves now. Jack’s story is a truly inspiring one and what she has achieved is seriously impressive. She’s passionate about campaigning for food banks and to end food poverty with her overarching message being that no one should have to eat this way but if you do? Well Jack’s recipes are here to help. 

Jack’s Desert Island Dishes 

1.    Avgolemono soup

2.    Plum and hazelnut tart

3.    Dauphinose potato suet crust pie with mushroom gravy

4.    Fried potato sandwich with melting cheese and pickle in thick white bread

5.    Salt and vinegar crisps

6.    Lots of various dishes. bean salad, sausage lasagne,

7.    Guinness Chocolate brownies

Jack’s choice of cookbook: Kitchen by Nigella Lawson

Have a listen and let us know what you think.


It’s slightly longer than normal but after a little Summer hiatus I hope you will forgive me. We bonded over our love of chicken kiev and potatoes, we discuss food banks, her love of food and politics and how she will never choose between the two. If you aren’t craving salt and vinegar crisps or something with potatoes after listening, well can we even be friends???


What do you think?

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