Episode 49: Ruth Rogers: Chef and Co-Founder of the River Cafe

My guest today is Ruth Rogers.

Ruth is the Chef and co founder of the River Café . She is without doubt, one of the most respected and celebrated chefs in the world. 

In 1987, Ruth, along with her friend and business partner, Rose Grey opened the River Café in what was then a fairly unfashionable part of London in what used to be a warehouse on the bank of the River Thames.  

The pair became famous for simple, authentic Italian food and 30 years later the River Café has grown to be one of the most famous restaurants in the world. Quite an achievement for two friends who weren’t trained chefs, and who started out with a space big enough for just 9 tables. 

To mark 30 years of the river café, Ruth has brought out a new book. River café 30. Of the book Ruth writes: ‘Change is timeless. A good restaurant is alive. It lives, It grows and so do its recipes. We have grown. We have a new vision, but the same conclusion: with good ingredients and a strong tradition change and recipes can be timeless. “

Desert Island Dish: Chocolate nemesis cake

Luxury item:  Olive oil


Desert Island Dishes:

1.    apple struedel
2.    corn on the cob
3.    a beach near Portofino – de Laura – 20 years ago. Lasagneitte al pesto
4.    Panini with white truffle from Florence
5.    Pasta with tomato sauce
6.    Rotolo
7.    Chocolate nemesis cake

Find the recipe for the world’s easiest tomato sauce here.


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