Episode 129: David Gandy: Supermodel and Entrepreneur

My guest today is David Gandy.

After winning a televised modelling competition at the age of 21 he went on to become the world’s first and most successful male supermodel. David’s big break came in 2007 in the form of his first Dolce & Gabbana campaigns, which saw him become a global sensation overnight when the iconic image of him wearing tiny white trunks in a boat in Capri shot by Mario Testino appeared on a 50ft billboard in Times Square. He still fronts this Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue campaign today, as well as working with the biggest brands and names in the industry, from high fashion to high street.

A style icon, family man, vintage car aficionado and now founder of his eponymous brand, David Gandy Wellwear.

His university housemate secretly entered a photo of him into a competition on This Morning to win a modelling contract and all these years later, things don’t seem to be slowing down for him either. Between modelling being a father of 2 and his own line, he says that he has always treated his career as a business and has learned his biggest lessons from supermodels such as Christy Turlington and Kate Moss.

Despite the pressures to be in incredible shape, David has always said he eats a mix of foods and in moderation, staying away from ultra-processed foods and he spent lockdown whipping up delicious meals in his mother-in-law’s big Le Creuset pot.

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