Anna Jones’s Dal With Crispy Sweet Potatoes And Coconut

This dal with crispy sweet potato and quick coconut chutney is one of my favourite weeknight suppers. I’ve accumulated and developed quite a few dal recipes over the years and I find myself coming back to this one time and time again.

It’s a classic Anna Jones recipe and it’s honestly so good. She talked about her love of dal when I interviewed her a few years ago for Desert Island Dishes (a lovely episode worth a listen if you haven’t listened to it – Anna is just so effortlessly cool) and she got me completely hooked on this recipe.

Please if you are at all unfamiliar with Anna’s work you must buy one of her books as quickly as you can. Her first one was A Modern way to Eat and it instantly became a cult classic. Anna believes that vegetables should be put at the centre of every table but it’s never in a preachy way and the recipes are so good you dont really realise that meat is missing. Her approach to cooking is led by the joy of food and its ability to affect change in our daily lives something we are all in favour of here at Desert Island Dishes – the joy of food is basically the founding principle of the podcast.

So yes, her books are all brilliant, after A Modern Way to Eat, there’s been A Modern Way to Cook, The Modern Cook’s Year, and most recently, One. They are all listed in our Cookshelf if you fancied a browse.


Find the recipe for the dal on Anna’s website. It’s honestly so good! Best dal recipe here.


And for Anna’s website in general simply click here


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